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How Platinum Alchemy Healing was developed

How Platinum Alchemy Healing System was developed by Ohlara?

2008 Article by Ohlara Taja

After a near death at the age of 19 years I remember being given the opportunity to go into the light or to remain on the Earth Mother. At that time I offered myself to source to be a messenger for love and light. I chose to remain on the earth Mother and knew deep in my heart that I would be called one day to work for source.

 So from 19 years to 36 years of age I got on with my life, I studied and experienced as many courses and forms of healing as I was guided to. This was focused at natural ways of healing the body, mind and soul as well as spiritual, esoteric, psychic and metaphysical processes. By 35 yrs I felt that I had exhausted many areas of knowledge and wondered what I was to do with my life, on a physical level my life was challenged with needing to move house several times in a short period and my body was undergoing lots of energetic transformation, (now I know it as Light body symptoms) healing and detoxification. I decided to sit in meditation and went to a Vipassana Buddhist meditation retreat in the Blue Mountains to meditate in silence for 10 days. A little after my return from the retreat I moved house again and then in 1995 I was guided to study at Uni.

My ego thought I would study Psychology, I received the materials started to read them and sent them back, this was clearly not my path. I decided to dowse over the courses to see what source wanted me to study and I was shown Geology, so I went off to Uni and studied for 2 years. I loved sitting in the laboratories with huge crystal specimens all around me, it was just a delight for my heart and soul.

 After moving house again, during the 2 years of my studies I woke one morning with a brilliant turquoise light coming towards me and landing inside my brain. By this time in my development I had been trance channeling for a few years, but after that morning I started to channel and receive information about the Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing System through the light beings supported by the ascended masters Kuthumi and Quin Yin.

 From then on I kept a journal and many journals with information I was receiving from the masters. Along with the information I received I was also given product formulas so  I began to make  the products which I had received formulas for.

All the time I was wondered, where will this lead me? I know that the light beings told me that I would bring through a new form of healing to the people on the Earth Mother to help with their transition into light so I did not question anything, but kept taking notes and listening to my guidance which was very strong. I felt like I was here to serve and that’s what I had to do.

 Information just came from all over the place, over time I was introduced to many people along the spiritual path and people would just turn up at my doorstep with information that they were guided to give me.

I had a man specially visit from Tasmania who was a merchant sailor, he attended my mediation class one night handed me his information which he had been given, hoping that I would be able to make sense of it. It was about creation and the beginning of our species.

I had a man from Melbourne who specially came to find me, he was a personal assistant to L. Ron Hubbord for some time, he did some healing work on me for star seeds and gave me his channeled information and healing techniques to use, test and share with others when the time was right. I’m sure he was an ET he so much reminded me of this.

It has all been a huge puzzle placing each individual part in its perfect place. Part of me has tried to ignore the importance of what I have been working with. My ego has had to go through lots of transformation to accept what I have to share; it has been a whole revolution and transformation for me. I feel that I was given the gift of new life to help create new consciousness on the Earth Mother. It has however been such a huge journey for me and my family who have lovingly supported me during this whole process.

 Over the years the light beings have introduced themselves to me more and more so now I feel very confident with this work.

They have shown me a delineation system for the DNA and chakras which help healers to pin point the exact location of blocked energies down to the particular strand and sector of the DNA and even indicating the exact remedy which a person needs to begin shifting the darkness (unconsciousness) which is blocking light from flowing into the blocked strand of DNA, and further into the physical body which is causing physical problems.

This is the Platinum Alchemy DNA conscious mapping system which is unique to Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing, PATH.

 I have used these techniques since 1996 on my clients with great success. And whilst I understand that this is specialized work for some. There is now a growing need for many more people to have these healing techniques available to them so they may be able to evolve to their fullest potential and actively bring more love and light onto the Earth Mother quickening the help of many more people to awaken with support and ease.

To find out how Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing can help you contact Ohlara fro a free DNA assessment.