Crystal Bowl Healing Meditation

Crystal Bowl Healing Meditation

TransitionRaysONLYABUNDANCE, Seeing the bigger picture, INCREASE YOUR PERSONAL VIBRATION – Please read on ♥ ♥ ♥

Hello lovelies,
It’s Crystal Bowl Aroma and Sound Bath Healing Meditation time again. WOW the tide has turned since the equinox and collectively we are rapidly moving forward into the NEW – do you feel it?

Now is your opportunity to clear anything blocking your path as i guide you into the Transition Healing Temple, so your big picture can manifest.

Such exciting times and connections are being had as we share and care for ourselves and others.

Being open to clear from the heart allows love, peace and abundance to be shared by all.

I would love you to join me for this months healing focus…

From my Book ‘Platinum Temple Healing Cards’
“The gift of abundance is with you today.
Allow the veils of illusion to fall away and
the masks that you carry and show others each day.
When pride and intolerance fade, higher awareness and the big picture will shine through, for yourself and others.
Loyalty and enthusiasm will follow from the gift of deeper awakening.”

Transition Healing
♥ Be energized with abundant diamond light to allow you to be energized to see through personal illusions surrounding poverty consciousness and lack in your life.

♥ Platinum Ray Alchemy washes away fears held by ancestral lines in DNA, creating anxieties and illusions.

♥ You can find the courage to step into the new and know that you are being supported each step you take.

♥ If you’re interested in Astrology Transition healing is connected to the 6th house with Virgo as the ruling sign. Clearing Karmic energies around your health and work.

I will also have available on the day the Transition Energy Medicines to support follow up homecare. These include
Transition Platinum Alchemy flower and gem essence
Transition Platinum Alchemy aura clearing mist,
Tranquility Platinum Alchemy Naturopathic organic herbal tea,
Transition Platinum Alchemy chakra clearing and healing oil,
Crystal Detox Baths to support your new alignment & personal energy or physical health detox needs.

BOOK and PREPAY to receive your FREE Crystal Detox Bath ($14.95 value)
Cost $40 singles | $70 for 2 friends or couples
Students/pensions $30 each
BOOKINGS CALL 0423 157 982

PM me for Direct deposit details
Credit card also available over phone
CASH or EFTPOS available on the day

We start at 3.30pm sharp
Please arrive by 3:15pm for preparation
BYO water in Bottle & blanket