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From the Earth & Stars

Hi, I’m Kim Lansdowne-Walker the owner of Pure Balance®.   

Pure Balance was formed in 1999. The products and my services are the result of direct communication with light-beings after a near death experience in 1980. Pure Balance is a co-creative project with the ascending Divine Feminine Earth Consciousness and Arcturian Star-beings to support humanities shift into crystalline biology and light consciousness.  After my initial communication with them, they returned into my life in 1995, and gave  me formulations to support the next phases of energetic healing and spiritual evolution for humanity into crystalline biology.



My Divine Feminine Approach

Each product has been developed from unique ancient wisdom healing practice and spiritual concepts used in my clinical healing practice for 24 years.

I stand by the quality and efficacy of my product ranges,  products are manufactured by hand, according to traditional herbal and homeopathic pharmacopeia methods, collected and wildcrafted in nature and hand made in small batches, exclusively for PureBalance® customers.

Pure Nature

Providing the highest quality wildcrafted and active ingredients

How did I get to where I am today –

what kind of training did I do?

These are some questions students often ask me, so I have listed my main areas of training, they come together as one connected program of  natural health, spiritual health & development, esoteric and earth sciences which I now offer my unique version as Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing, through my Pure Balance Inner Wisdom Academy.

Professional Accreditations

Australian Traditional Medicine Society 

Medical Herbalist, Remedial Massage

International Institute of Complementary Therapists 

Psycho-Physical Healing (clinical hypnosis, psychic-healing, meditation, advanced energy healing), Counselling, Meditation, Herbalist, Remedial Massage

International Institute of Complementary Therapists Trainer Accreditation

Pure Balance Inner Wisdom Academy for 

Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing (Tarot Counselling), Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing (Meditation)


1977 – Land & Engineer Survey Drafting – Sydney TAFE

1979 – Enrolled Nurse – Concord Repatriation Hospital

1979 – Near Death Accident – Corfu – Greece

1982 – Psychiatric Nurse training – Gladesville Hospital NSW

1984 – Naturopathic Nutrition – NatureCare

1984 – Dip. Herbal Medicine – Nature Care|Southern Cross Herbal School

1985 – Dip. Remedial Massage – Nature Care

1987 – Cert. Pathology Collection – Macquarie Services

1988 – Dip Psychophysical Healing – Academy of Esoteric Sciences

1990 – Advanced Dip Psychic Healing & Astrology – Academy of Esoteric Sciences

1991 – NLP – Australian Institute of NLP

1992 – Cosmic Trance Chanelling – Alton

1996 – 11:11 doorways gateway energy holder Solara

1997 – Dip. Iridology – Southern Cross Herbal School

1995  – Undergrad, 2 years Geology – UNE

1995 – Began development of Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing – This project has been on-going as human consciousness continues to expand.

1997 – Tarot Certification

2000 – Cert. Workplace Training & Assessment Cert. Ryde College

2006 – Wu Tao Dance Teacher Training- Michelle Locke

2004 – 2019 Internet, Business and Marketing Training USA, & on-line

2011 – Botanical Perfumer Training – Anya McCoy USA

2018 – Cert. Art of Feminine Presence Teacher – Racheal Jayne Groover USA

2019 – Book writing

Ongoing Private Clinical Practice 31 years as a multi-modality – natural health practitioner , psychotherapy and energy healer

Customer Praise

Discover how I can support you

I Invite you to have a 15 min online chat with me, where we can meet and see if my services or products are what you are looking for.  From coaching, products to services and courses , I specialise in working with HSP highly sensitive people who are most often experiencing chronic health or life challenges from  a variety of past trauma.

My products and services are suited to highly sensitive people HSP, conscious seekers, healers, leaders and light workers looking to move further along their personal path, and rapidly expanding into their soul light. They understand clearing their DNA and genetics will lead to more fully embodying their soul mission. 

of some services

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