Azurite crystal
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Azurite Gem Elixir

Azurite for activation and expansion of the energy bodies

Azurite is a special crystal used in the Platinum Alchemy Healing System, as it supports activation and expansion of the energy bodies to support a deeper understanding of ones own psychic abilities. A wonderful stone for healers to use as an amplifier of psychic ability, higher inspiration, clear meditation and greater mental control to support decision making.

On a physical level azurite supports and stimulates the energy flow through the spleen, thyroid and skin, it is helpful in inflammatory skin conditions, and supports a sluggish thyroid and further supports the immune function as protection of the astral etheric body.

Azurite Elixir used in the bath helps mental clarity in disorientation and depression.

Use Add 7 drops to a Crystal Detox Zeolite Bath which will support amplification of Azurite qualities.

Energetically it has an expansive and cleansing effect on the solar plexus and further enhances divine feminine energy to be more engaged in the user.

Azurite Elixir is in Pure Balance products

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