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This majestic Buddha, carved into the side of a mountain reminds me what is really important. Being integrated with nature and listening to the sounds of nature, earth mother and our environment quickly provides an amazing sense of support, healing and connection leading towards a sense of peace, clarity, focus, safety and inner wisdom.

After looking up information about this Buddha, the Leshan Giant Buddha it was actually built for this similar purpose and to calm and protect ships and people that passed through the river system where it is located in China.

Over the past 3 weeks, I have had more than a few health challenges which have lead me into a new level of awareness. This is not actually new but a part of my deeper connection with nature which has always been there and given me the healing I truly need. This has been such a worthwhile experience, to be forced to take a step back from being on a marketing treadmill which had become so out of balance and totally not me.

I have lead the way with the name Pure Balance, since initially registering it in 1999, then holding the trademark in Australia, its what my brand represents and all the products and services I provide have always directed my clients and customers toward a self empowered lifestyle with the PureBalance philosophy.

Its interesting to see so many people have used this name as their business name as well.  I must say that it has often annoyed me that humans tend to copy from one another. It also continues to show me that there is nothing original on this planet and most things are incomplete copies of something else in existence, or in existence from another time period, yet the world in general and that of finance and marketing teaches us to be competitive and often to protect our creations, to be secretive about our ideas and information we receive. I see this a form of manipulation of emotions and mind,  dishonouring our true connection to our source light where our full integrity shines forth.

On a higher conscious perspective this is called OWNERSHIP and WORSHIP and some of the vices humanity really needs to re-evaluate to shift into a light level of consciousness. The need for survival creates greed and one of the reasons why the world is in such a sham at this time and so out of balance, secrets and information hidden breed ongoing fear not love. When we go into fear, our world becomes shallow, dark and closed. I dont pretend to have a resolution for such a huge issue that is hungrily consuming many to leave their secure jobs to become the next expert, entrepreneur or rising star, but I can share the higher light wisdom that I receive with you and you can decide if it is worth a change in your perspective of your own world.

Change always begins with us on an individual level so I suggest leading the way with our light, love and integrity and it will spread to many more…

I say this comfortably as I have been involved in the natural and wellness areas since I was 22yrs old, thats only 34 years which I have been exploring my own consciousness through meditation, subtle energy, natural health care and learning new ways of working with nature to help many clients heal themselves from dis-ease, from cancer to emotional, mental and spiritual crisis, or relationship breakdown. This is always complex as the psyche holds many aspects and working both intuitively and energetically with nature’s resources, including our own psychic antennae has always provided the best outcomes.

The only healing thing that I personally use for myself and others is nature. Nature provides such a powerful healing force if we are willing to stop and listen to her.

Here are a few things to contemplate and ways you can start to unravel and become reconnected to nature and your true essence to find the peace and direction that you may be looking for. Believe me I wasnt able to see the forest from the trees and be grateful and appreciative of what I have until I jumped off the wheel of social media, self promotion and marketing. Thats not to say I wont use these platforms to share information, but from this shift in my consciousness I have decided to focus on what I have been gifted with and to share it with those who choose to find me.

I’ve now decided to post regularly on my website blogs, email you if you want to hear from me, so you can if you want, follow my simple thoughts and channelings. I will be sharing more on Ownership on the next days.

To be a part of my sharing join the purebalance tribe at the bottom of the page.

I love the way this Buddha carved in nature is so huge, yin and yang at the same time and looks like it would dwarf any human, nature really is greater then ourselves and deserves great respect from humans and all beings since we have been given the opportunity to evolve on such an amazing planet.

I’ve decided to enjoy my blessed life so much more and cut my work week in half so I can really enjoy this place we call home and simplify all areas of my life. I will still be available for lots of amazingness, and it wont affect anyone except me, in a great way… so do let me know if I can help you in any way.

Things to Consider as you look into the Buddha, your own creation…

  1. Who are you really,
  2. What do you love,
  3. How do you love expressing yourself  in the world

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