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Crystal Bowl Sound Healing begins saturday 9th august 2014

KImCrystalBowlshalfsizeIMG_2378Series 2 Lemurian Crystal healing in the Platinum Ray Temples begin saturday 9th august 2014

Love you to join me to bask in the radiance of crystal healing sounds, meditation and angelic chant and transform your world into love and peace 

Ohlara – messenger of the Angels, Platinum Ray and Source Rays will be your guide to take you into the ancient Lemurian priestess healing temples on the inner planes for chakra clearing, DNA cellular memory clearing, personal healing activating deeper soul connection and guidance.

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing with Ohlara rapidly free’s you from the past, feeling stuck or lost with Our 1st session this series ‘Angelic clearing’ supports you to move into your new world with grace and ease.

Our focus: Angelic Platinum Ray Alchemy Temple Healing-
Clearing and balancing all chakras with Platinum Ray and source rays working with Elohim Saluschia to help you feel safe and comforted in times of stress, crisis, abandonment an change.

To master the Angelic gateway is to allow yourself to receive all the support from source as you need it.

Your temple journey experience will be relevant for you at this time in your life.

There is an abundance of love and healing energies available to all at this time.

Casual Session Fee: Cash only on the day at the door
$55 for 2 people,
$30 for 1 person

SPECIAL OFFER – Pre-Book to Save $$$ (25%)

Pay for all 6 sessions by Friday 8th August
$170 for all 6 sessions and receive a 4 pack of ‘Crystal Detox, Spirit Detox Baths valued at $56′ – a great deal.

Click this link for the SPECIAL OFFER

♥ GIFT a 6 session program or GIFT a session

The Platinum Elohim and Angels have asked me to add this new option to their programs. They understand that the cost may prevent people who really need these sessions to come.

If you feel aligned to gift a session or full program this is most generous and we thank you in advance.

GIFT or Donate by going to this link

♥ Do you NEED a gifted program?

If you feel that you would benefit from this program and would like to receive a gifted program or session, please contact Ohlara txt 0423 157 982 with your contact details and we will get back to you as sessions or programs become available.

email Ohlara: [email protected]