Energy Updates

APRIL 2021 Energies

Easter Greetings Sparkly Soul

IMPORTANT energy updates for APRIL 2021

April energies are going to bring us the GO AHEAD and OPPORTUNITY for our projects and life to begin to move forward (BIG happy smiley face)

All the energies are lining up and you may be feeling an acceleration with yourself. I AM.

I hope you have enjoyed your rest time because very soon it’s going to be time to make your move in your new direction, whether that’s, a new career, training or stepping into high vibe transformational coaching to open up into the next level of you and rapidly bring those next level gifts into the world.  

The distractions we’ve had are simply that, but you know that now don’t you?

It’s been a challenge but I hope you’ve been supporting yourself with lots of love and self-care, if you have and you’ve been listening to your guidance, I believe you will be in a very different place by the end of May.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it just might be to see how healthy our 5D mental state is. Mine has certainly gone through some scrutiny, has yours?

Are you still wondering what you should be thinking to make the 5D leap? 

I’ve created some FREE affirmations for you to help shift your mindset from 3D thinking to 5D thinking, according to your SUN sign, MOON sign and RISING/or ASCENDANT sign

YIPPY!  yes yippy not Hippy

But for today, it’s time to make sure you’re focusing on 5D thinking.

To take full advantage of my FREE GIFTS this month and start APRIL with some of the highest vibes, ARIES, TAURUS & GEMINI, you can receive and download your 5D affirmations below.

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My healing energy gifts will come through to you via my voice, that’s why these recordings are so special to shift you into your new vision. You just have to let go to UNSTICK yourself.

This is an opportunity for you to step more fully into your truth  ARIES, TAURUS & GEMINI

There is one catch… I have not completed them all yet.
It’s in the process, but I’ve decided not to hang on to this info any longer than I have to.

ARIES, TAURUS or GEMINI – sun, moon or ascendant

you are in luck and you can download your FREE 5D affirmations here. (click on your sign)

SEEING THE UNSEEN – the veil is lifting even more!

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  • PLATINUM ALCHEMY GODDESS – Collective healing of grief, sorrow, past lives, passed loved ones
  • AM I on the RIGHT TRACK?
  • ABUNDANCE – everywhere
  • FREEDOM – the karmic wheel is turning
  • YOUR SEALED secret ORDERS – exciting secrets to be revealed
  • GREENLIGHT – Yes! its time. You know what you have to do.

You can get all this info over the month as it unravels via my love letters, email energy updates – inserting a happy smiley face!

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Don’t be greedy and keep all the brownies for yourself now.

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Sharing directly with you gives me more time to create more stuff that I can share with you. From now on I will be coming into your inbox more frequently, and I promise it will be worth it.

I have decided to share my creations with you on a more regular basis while I’m still deciding if I want to break up with social media.

I’m really excited to be sharing directly from my soul to your soul.


Our beautiful women’s circle follows the southern hemisphere seasons and the spiritual year. Teaching participants how to create their own circles, during a day full of magic, divine feminine embodiment practices, deep caring and sharing. This year’s dates are here more information coming in the next email.

  • Rewilding Alchemy Women’s Circle 10 am – 4 pm sat, 10th April 
  • Reclaim Your Frequency of Joy 9.30 am – 5.30 pm Sunday 18th April

A full-day workshop focusing on regression and your past lives. An opportunity to ask those deep transformational questions and understand yourself, your soul journey so much more.
Keep an eye out for all the details coming in a few days.


PLATINUM ALCHEMY GODDESS products and homecare healing packs – 20% off. 
Goddess energy medicines support us to release stress and emotions around communicate and let go of the past, loved ones past over, past lives holding us stuck in a timeline. Emotional care is supported around grief, sorrow, stress, hormonal imbalances and sleep problems.

Would you like a quick chat to see if my services or products can support you and we can meet?