self love chakra oil for forgiveness, abuse, shame & guilt
Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing,  Pure Balance Product Information

Sensual Self Love Product Overview

Sensual Self Love energy medicines help us cleanse distortions in our consciousness connected with fears, anxiety, relationship problems, shame, guilt and not loving oneself.

This range of products has been alchemically hand-made with formulas gifted to us from the Platinum Angels and Ancient Earth Mother Mutuhu to:

  • Heal emotional wounds
  • Support and help the Inner Child find peace and comfort – Open the heart to release stress, tension, past hurts or emotional wounds.
  • Assist with strengthening the base chakra and grounding as you release the old wounds of the heart.
  • Sensual Self Love products help to spiritualize all relationships to bring about deeper peace and dispel anger which creates cellular and energy distortion in the inititate.

Transformation, healing and detoxification occur through the Throat Chakra, Heart Chakra and Base chakra. As well as the organs and energy pathways connected to these chakras.

About Sensual Self Love Alchemy

When using the Sensual Self Love products, the energy of the heart is transmuted and expanded to a higher vibration than currently exists within the initiate. This increase in vibration allows you to perceive oneness through forgiving yourself and others along with the release of shame and guilt, which has contributed to emotions of fear and ungrounded anxiety in your life.

As the core of these feelings are recognized and released you will be able to move forward with life and participate again in your own sovereign truth in harmonic creation with your source and soul light.

Sensual Self Love Alchemy brings the Platinum Angel Jus-ti-ne into your life to envelop your heart as any blocked energies are gently transmuted to a higher vibration.

The heart energy envelops the etheric self as pictured in the healing light code as it continues to allow for a passage of energy to flow in and out from oneself and to others as the heart gently expands in frequency to embrace 5th and higher dimensional flows of non-conditional love.

This provides true nourishment from your sovereign Soul light and Source God/Goddess/All that is, providing a balanced flow of energy to manifest in relationships. Through this Alchemical process shifting physical relationships allow you to understand the beauty of a new world spiritually manifested relationship.

The depth that is created in relationships and contracts with ones own soul and soul mate become apparent, allowing energy within the relationship to flow in a co-creative way to move into soul agreements whilst understanding the truth behind new or old relationships.