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What is Happening on Earth

Mutuhu what is happening on Earth?

Please share with us from a higher spiritual perspective and what we can do to move through this.


Ancient Lemurian Earth Mother Energy

Through Kim Lansdowne-Walker

Equinox 22nd March 2020

Platinum Ray and Ancient Earth Mother Chanel, developer of Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing system, Clearing the way to your source light to rapidly increase your personal frequency.

Greetings beloved,

I am Mutuhu the ancient earth mother, you may know and remember me of the times in Lemuria and the way that we worked together to move through the shifts in consciousness.

These times you were gathering together just like your present times, into small groups, working to come through and pass into the earth planes. There was much excitement in this process and you wanted to be here, you tried the hardest to be here, in the new earth. To be part of the new race that was to be the greatest experiment that would create an awareness for all other star races.

This time is now coming to an end and as this is happening the star races are looking to take over the earth and move into new frontiers of light and technology.  That is feeling very uncomfortable for many of you because you do not feel the genetics and the available energies that there for you at this time.

There is going to be a full collapse of your world and to do this it is essential that humans surrender to the energies that are being given and transferred into my atmosphere at this time.

This energy is bigger than you can possibly understand, you feel as though you have a right to be here and do the things that your egos feel they want to do and to be able to even control others. This energy that is beaming through the portals that are opening more rapidly every day will have a deep and transformational effect on all humans.

This time you are being called to go within your hearts and minds and listen deeply to the level of your next step. This information is already programmed within you and you will know that you are being called to move from this region as your times of the lower worlds come to an end.

This is happening very rapidly and you are there to hold a beam of light for others to move through. It is what you came to do, do you remember?

This will not go away but continue to be raised until all beings and humans on my body ‘earth’ have gone through a huge transformation. When I speak about the transformation we talk about the compression of energies and the heating up of energy that is required to transform one thing into another like lead is a lower frequency to gold and platinum a higher frequency again, or carbon where I transform under deep pressure into magnificent diamonds.

These minerals are less abundant and transformation is something that is not easy, but what returns into the next life is extremely amazing. Gold and diamonds are some of your most prized objects. This is what I can create, this is what I do naturally, I am a great transformer, like a battery that can recharge and renew myself with the energies of our sun and the greater central sun.

Why are so many people dying around this virus?

This virus has been created to begin the cleansing and purging process and take souls into my new body, the new earth levels, I earth mother know that you do not want to hear this but this has been known for so long.  Eons ago you made the commitment to work and live through this time and this process.

You are not affected by fear, you know who you are and that is all that is necessary. Those people on my body earth who have a lower vibration and frequency then that is required to consciously pass through the portals into the new earth have found themselves stuck in the fear of death and are doing everything they feel they need to keep themselves alive. This is the shopping frenzy which is going on. There is more than enough for everyone.

Yes! this virus is mostly affecting those in lower frequencies that is all it is meant to do, to bring those souls whom have disconnected from their creation into a new level and even though they cannot see this for themselves this great opening is going to be a blessing for me and the way I can heal and restore my body once again.

These times have been raised to stop and heal. My restoration has not been heard, my works have not been heard, my actions have not been heard, those who have fought for me have not been heard. The way that you will shift into the new world is through pressure. The pressure that is being created at this time.

The lockdown is there to bring you back into stillness and to have time to reflect on the changes that you are being called to make, this is not because there is a fear of death or dying like your governments are talking about. This has been taken out of all contexts, this is the part of my restoration work where you are being called to rest, to rest deeply, go within and find your still point, your stillness which is there inside each one of you.

This point is not in the outer world but it is inside and those who cannot connect to this point will find the most difficult times, this is not a wipeout of your humanity or a wipe down and all those of you who do not adhere to these actions are going to be persecuted or prosecuted, the reason this is occurring is that everything on my body has become out of control and this can no longer be.

You have raped me and taken all of my resources to create an artificial plastic life which is no longer resonant with my lifeforce.  I have called on your homelands to come back and take you home so I can begin to breathe once again and heal myself, I do not know the way, I just know I want to shake, rock and roll and let go of all the pain that has been created in my body and this is the only way that this can happen for me.

You have already seen the positive effects I can create if I can have space in healing myself if you stop and stop for a good amount of time, I can help you to become enlightened and go back to your homes, I know you remember me and you remember the many lifetimes that you have had on me and with me birthing you as my son or daughter, but this is no more.

This is why I do not allow many women to take a child and conceive, this is no world to bring a young child soul into. My body is in pain now as it has come to be fully run by greed, run by those who are out of control, lost their minds and hearts. These things will come down, my powerful forces will create this and no one can stop me, now as I am on my own healing journey.

I strongly wish to share with you that your way through this is to listen to your authorities and stop and slow down, go within yourselves and learn about your soul, what and who you really are and where you are from.

There are many wonderful teachers living on my body right now who can help you to do this.  They hold the light and the beam to the source light and can support you in your slowing down.

Go within…. Go within

The ancients have known about this time for many cycles of time, there is not one that can change this course, you are the ones who have the power to transform into the higher aspects of life, the love and caring aspects of yourself, this is not about your money, this is the way it is going to be drained rapidly, this way of living may never recover.

I ask you to connect to your joy, without all the externals in life all the artificial things, all the gadgets that you have.

When you were born into the body I created for you, you were born of joy, yes every one of you. No matter what your life has been like, you were born in joy.  This is my natural state and that is the state I wish all of you to be in and return to.

This state cannot be accessed from the outside it must be accessed from the inside, by simply letting go of those things which create your addictions.

Yes, it is true that you have been learning to live in a lower frequency than which you have known in your homelands, it is the emotional frequencies. You have a great start as you came into your body. I made sure your body was full of joy no matter what. It is through your own decisions that you have moved from this place of pure joy. It is the pain that you have allowed to manifest in your body, which has created lower frequencies to fully take over and fears to reside as a key emotion.

This has been passed down into your families but is never the way you have been born, you have all come with the same opportunities. The greatest one was to learn about your soul energy and how it works in these lower frequencies and how to raise it up and play with energy, this includes emotions which are pure energy.

I am pure energy simply vibrating at different potentials. Your soul is connected to your heart and mind and your mind and heart will set you free. Your earth life is a mystical and magical experience you have been gifted and chosen to experience. When you learn how to work with your soul beam you will truly learn this.

You may be asking about and want to know about 5G, this is a way that your ancestors, space brothers and sisters have worked with those in power to create a way to bring down the current situation on my body. It is a way to gain order on my body.

In the past, there were religions which gave some order to the minds of humans and there were rituals and doctrines which showed you the way. You have moved beyond these doctrines and these rituals and you are now being asked to bring back the ways of the earth-based honour and ritual, honour my seasons, honour the sun and honour your brothers and sisters as one.

This is the way kindness and a deeper opening to compassion to love and creating the higher frequencies that are there for you all. There is no break or block in the energy these energies are clearly being released, you will have to come to terms with the new authorities and orders which are at your doors, this is the only way that my body can be restored and that you move into a new level of awarenesses, your time on the earth has been precious but the times that you have participated in much waring, waste, pollution and greed and this is showing now in may ways.

Time and time again many have broken hearts and the compassion is not there for each other, This crisis is the growing, healing and expanding of your hearts delivering you with the compassion to support each other and heal the world you have created.

Those of you in leadership roles who understand these higher principles of soul evolution and development, peace, inner wisdom and compassion are called to share your knowledge and wisdom about going within, how to find your stillness and the sacredness of working with my energies to help restore your bodies to joy and help restore my body.

Its time to share those sacred ancient and galactic ways you have never shared before, or have been too fearful to share. Those of you who can create the time and work with this energy now as the world economic system falls drastically will see that your new ways are now required and will be the new economy and they will be truly supported.

This might feel new to some of you and I suggest that you work with others in your networks and see how this can be done, there are so many genius beings in on my body at this time. Its time for them to be supported to bring forth the new worlds that can free humanity’s minds and work at a level of deep nourishment for all concerned. As you work through these times do not expect a quick fix, this will not happen, this is the minimal time that this journey you most likely know will take a person to do.  Your timeline for the essential healing I am talking is 7 to 10 years to fully integrate these new projects and ideas which are required for humanity to be supported and begin to move forward.

This will bring through a deeper spiritual understanding for all and there will not simply be medicine, the medicine will be in the earth and come from my body and within me primarily. As I can relieve my body and heal more fully I can once again be rebooted to support humans and other star races of which you will learn more about over this time.

There is no fear here, there is no place for fear, there is only a shift in evolution a transformation that is having a rapid expansion, this is essential for light to be a part of the world again and for my healing, I am going into what you call self-care now and this is when I shut down and as I do this so must you. Please tune within listening to your authorities they are being guided by the heads of your galactic star homes, let go of your ideas of being restricted and not free, this is not the case.

The star homes you came from your brothers and sisters have never had the opportunity to express creation and experience creation as you have done. This is certainly a privilege you have been given, to be born on the earth and be supported by my body. This has been such a privilege that you have no idea about until your frequency has more fully increased.

So stop your work, stop your hate, stop your anger, stop your pain, stop in your tracks and see what others need at this time. This is the only way I have been able to force this transition into mass transformation and to open you deeper into compassion, this is the only way that you have been able to open up. The pain of loss, the pain of suffering, this is the only way that has been programmed into the human race that will shift you in your emotions and in your thoughts, let this be the greatest emotional as you call it.

You all have the power and come from the power of creation and perfection, I was created from you. I was created from your star brothers and sisters, I was created so you could experience creation and the greatest freedom in the cosmos, I was created so you could truly understand the meaning of manifestation and learn how to play with these energies so you could learn how to fully use them. I was created so you could evolve into a god – goddess status, so you could return to your homelands in the stars and share your stories once you begin to remember who you really are, I was created from the pure light and the magificance of the Platinum Ray, which has been in lockdown so many of you could not find it.

This is now available to all of you and this is the way you can learn to create from the part of yourself that is pure in heart and light. This is the true nature of your soul and this is the truth you are about to learn. I have worked with my channel many years now to help others unravel their darkness and free them up to reach their fuller light consciousness, to increase their personal frequency, to be ready for these times.

It is now your turn, your turn to clean up and be responsible for the mess you have created as a crazy mind, allowed energies to run you that have not been supportive of me or your brothers and sisters you and all beings created on my body. You are being called to do this now, not in another 10,  20 years or 40 years, you are being called to do this now and know that consequences of your actions and how they have damaged the hearts, minds and personalities of many humans and also taken away their rights to live in joy and create as they were born to do.

It is time that you know how to create, the manifestation is not a difficult thing, it is there for every being. To manifest requires you to relax and surrender and let go of any perceived condition, this is the most difficult part you have as being a human, your loss is your gain, it is my healing and the way that humans will begin to understand to work together again. This is the time to go within, spend time every day within yourself and connect to your truth, this is easier now than ever, I ask you not to listen to audio or other things but sit in silence on me, fully connecting to my body and be at one for yourself breath deep and call in the energies of the sun and the energies of the new suns, the great central sun and be it the new way to healing.

Music is very important for you as well, this will provide the opportunity to shift and change the energies which you feel stuck in. We are not talking about electric music or that which is played on your audio devices, but this is the music of the angels. The music of your voices singing from your hearts and that of instruments made from my body from my resources, these things will soothe you, these things will give you so much healing and help you centre into the heart of yourself.


Ancient Lemurian Earth Mother Energy

Through Kim Lansdowne-Walker

Platinum Ray and Ancient Earth Mother Chanel, developer of Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing system, Clearing the way to your source light to rapidly increase your personal frequency.

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