Channelled Messages,  Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing

Platinum Ray AAA sound ‘evolutionary gift from the universe’

The mystical door to the divine begins with creating the sacred energy of the absolute through the resonance of “AAA”. Platinum Ray AAA sound.

1. “AAA” is the primal cry of humanity to the Absolute

2. “AAA” is the primal cry in our sexual orgasm

3. “AAA” is the primal cry to alight the flame that awakens the Kundalini fire with the offering of our five senses

4. “AAA” is the inner resonance that hisses with bliss in our ascending climb within; awakening each chakra as it glides upwards

5. “AAA” is the perch between the eyebrows that awakens the third eye.

6. “AAA” is the Light in which the body consciousness dissolves along with the mind

7. “AAA” is the “Knowing” as awareness beyond thought process

8. “AAA” brings into reality the inner most heart’s desire that appears from the mind that is connected to Source

9. “AAA” is the Source

10. “AAA” is the root of AUM