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Platinum Elohim Earth Mission

Earth Mission Intervention, Message for you from the Platinum Elohim – Angels

At this time in your planets history there is a huge opening required to lift humanity into a new awareness of peace love and enlightenment.

 Over the past cycles of your earth time, there have been many disturbances in the core energetic structure through to the higher planes of the planet earth, preventing humanity to fully evolve and move into their fullest light potential.  Instead of being able to ascend back to your source and have the option to experience other dimensions, you have been energetically held as hostage in the lower dimensions.

These disturbances were from races that wanted to control the human experience, take human light and use it for domination over others and even against you. As your planet moves into the new cycle of light, which will occur late in 2012 in your earth time, you will move into full alignment with the galactic center and source energy of your solar system.

What does this mean?

This means that you have the opportunity to awaken fully into your God or source presence and move out of the dramas, which have inflicted you over much of earth’s history, preventing you from reaching full evolutionary potential.

We come forth from the 12th Dimension to teach you how to ascend from the darkness, which you have been embraced within for many lifetimes. We are the keepers of the Platinum Light, which is the creation ray of your divine blueprint. You were made from Platinum Light, and all creations in this star system have an original blueprint from Platinum Light.

Those that chose earth to experience as their home found themselves stuck in the cycle of karma This was a veil creating illusion which was created by those who wanted control over earth’s people.  Karma resides on the astral planes, and on your death you could not move beyond the astral planes due to these energetic distortions created and the fear based games which were set up to play out on your lower dimensions.

By divine right you have access to 12th dimensional light where you will once again be able to connect to your source.

At this time we recommend that you begin to focus within on your source light and reconnect with your personal truth.  This you can do with meditation tools and techniques.  It is also important that you follow your own hearts desire and not hand over your energy to another in the form of a deity, god, or master.

To fully embrace your 12th Dimensional pure light you will be required to follow your own heart and personal truth, keep going within through learning the proper use of meditation and use emotional healing tools that you feel aligned to.

You see you are already 12th Dimensional light and all that you really need is to remember this.  Tools which will help you remember, have been developed through many and we have also developed tools with our channel which will clear your energy fields very swiftly.

We have bought tools to you in alignment with the earth mother to support your soul light integration process of ascension, you may wish to work with our tools or find another that resonates with you at this time.  There are many paths becoming available to humanity now for these times at hand, which will require much support to help all humanity through this process, so we ask you to use your intuition, learn about intuition and follow this without hesitation.

Detoxification of the physical body is essential for you to find clarity and prepare your cells to receive 12th Dimensional Light. We advise you to find a path that resonates to you and work along that path to achieve your goals of spiritual awakening through detoxification.

When we created the earth, we created the humanoid experience for all-star systems to enjoy and experience so they may remember their divinity and the beauty of sources intelligent conscious creation.

In this time period you need support to awaken into these periods of change and transformation so you can take full advantage of what is ahead of you. This is why we have come to be of assistance at this time. We have engineered the human genome and we understand how exactly you need to ascend out of the ways which have repressed your races.

All races on earth at this time are seeded from the stars, though few have direct memory of this. This means that you are all originally from star form and what we wish is to assist you to remember that you no longer need to be repressed by the distraction and discord of warring which has gone on through the many dimensions for all of your creations.

As this special time of galactic alignment approaches you have the opportunity to be reconnected to your starry homelands, this does not means you will go there in your physical body but it does mean that as you go within you will be able to reconnect to those ones which you are so familiar with, your kin, your brothers and sisters in starlight.

On the earth plane there have been terrible crimes committed against your humanoid race from other races who wanted to maintain control over you. Now there is an opportunity for you to remove yourselves from the past darkness and move into the full light of your god presence.

Each one of you has a god presence which resides within, and this is a part of the architecture of your soul. For this to occur you are being given the keys to awaken and open deeper within your divinity.

This will show in time as your physical structures continue to transform, change as each of you choose to rebuild your life on earth so she can once again be special place for all incoming souls.

We come to assist in this process by supporting the awakening of the governance of the Galactic core as we open the portals to your 12th Dimensional awareness. This will bring though the realms of light and Angelics who are waiting in service to help all humankind through the doorways which are about to open wide.

There will be many who do not understand this information of events, as their energy bodies have not yet developed sufficiently. We have been working with our channel for over 16 years now and through this time we have bought through special formulas from the earth mother and the stars to assist the support of your return to oneness. This is what we call Platinum Alchemy.

By way of learning to use the 12th Dimensional Platinum Ray you will be able to very effectively clear the lines and channels which are blocked and support yourself open into oneness with our tools of transformation. Each tool has it own special purpose, which works through your energy bodies to detoxify each level, along with your 33 chakra portals, to clear the darkness and unconsciousness. The transformation of Platinum Alchemy frees you and supports you to rapidly evolve and reconnect to the strength of your light.

We wish to bring you love, passion and the desire to transform yourselves to take on the new world and be in a place of deep love and peace, for all

This process will seem to occur overnight for those who have been on their path of ascension awakening for some time, whilst others will experience the process through deep emotional clearing and purification. We have come forth at this time to support you through the change which you all will undergo. This is why we have bought these special light tools and detailed information to you at this time through our messenger Ohlara Amohba Taja.

Received through

Ohlara aka Kim Lansdowne-walker

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