Rewilding Alchemy May 2021
ReWilding Alchemy for Women

ReWILDING Alchemy Women’s Circle, 2nd May, 2021

Hello Wild Women,

It’s Kim here… I’m excited to share this months ReWILDING Alchemy Women’s Circle activities in the ReWILDing Temple. We are waking up faster and more furious than ever and with that, there are a whole lot of new challenges and understandings that we are being shown.


It’s getting juicier and more and more exciting..

This month ReWILDING Alchemy Women’s Circle we will complete will complete any Samhain activities we have been doing, like ‘letting go’ and honouring those past and any past experiences in our life.

We will still be in the energy of the FULL WESAK MOON, so this will deeply support our next level of spiritual awakening.

In circle you will be supported to share where you are and like always you will be loved and held, no matter where you are landing. We are here to support each other and our individual requirements.

I’m also excited to share our power mask activity this monthin the ReWILDING Alchemy Women’s Circle, where we will get really creative and create our power totem. Through accessing your energy you will feel more strength coming from within and feel more confident in your truth and personal choices. At these times it is essential that we can go deeper, be more honest and totally true to ourselves.

I wonder what your power animal is?

🐻 🦉 🦅 🐍

Oh Yes! did I say we will be working with JOY ALCHEMY.

This is a very special alchemy which supports us when we are feeling exhausted and tired – After our day you will be empowered with your animal and deeper wisdom as well as understand how to care for yourself this month of May in the JOY 🧡 Temple.

🧡 🧡 🧡


* Opening of Circle

* Personal and group cleansing ritual for the past month

* Sharing stories of the past weeks (it’s getting bigger)


* Learning about the current spiritual season in the southern hemisphere

* Your Power Animals and Meditation* SHARED LUNCH

* Joy Healing Process group work – Working with Joy

* Understanding Rejuvenation through the completion of LETTING GO, preparing for our next evolutionary cycle and season.

* Creative play making power animals and learning what that means for us individually.

* Divine Feminine Embodiment meditation and appreciations


* Close of circle

💃 Women of all ages and experiences are welcome to attend.

Women who wish to run their own group and would like to learn are encouraged to attend. This is an actual program I am developing that you can copy and paste to use with your own group.

🍏 Your Grimoire is the record of your 12-month initiatory journey.

You will receive all the handouts and tools to share now or at a later time, so you can run your group on the actual spiritual calendar year date.

🧡 I run our group a few weeks ahead of the exact time of the spiritual year so you can take this information and work with as you do your own practice.

🍎 Participant Exchange: $110

Direct deposit required to confirm


Msg or call 0423 157 982


Duration 9.30am to 4.30pm


A blank page Journal and pen to take notes and of course journal!

Food ideas for Seasonal Contribution to our potluck lunch a dish or something made from



Root vegetables


Dried fruits

Dark bread

Spices cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger


Please bring at least one thing to place on our altar


Autumn leaves and plants

A Crone or womb symbol

A crown

A heart

Photograph of a passed over loved one

Eg. Aunts ring, grandfathers watch,

💃 🌈 🍎

See you soon in the ReWILDING Alchemy Women’s Circle


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