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The Secret to maintaining a high personal vibration, Crystal Detox pure Australian zeolite for ascension symptoms


…Because most of us are not consistent with our dietary and social life habits, and because most of us are driven by emotions, An alkaline way of eating and lifestyle an makes it very difficult for people to maintain.

I think this is an ideal way of eating and totally recommend it to support health and wellness. On the other hand unless people are ready to take a serious look at themselves I mean looking at the core of cravings, emotions and beliefs, this may turn out to be another diet that people will add to their list “I tried the Alkaline diet and it didn’t work for me”.

The majority of us won’t even go there. My easy solution to this is Crystal Detox bathing and mineral use on a regular basis.

These awesome minerals were first introduced to me when I was studying Geology in 1995, then again in the late 90’s they returned into my awareness via the day spa industry, as a beauty and weight loss support product which gave amazing results.

I have used them since 1999 now and quickly worked out that they have amazing alkaline and detox potential in energy healing, psychotherapy and naturopathic health and detox treatments.

Crystal Detox bathing minerals really help my clients and myself in such a simple way.

I have noticed with myself and my clients they constantly support rapid ‘alkalinization’ or ‘detox’ of emotions, mind, spirit and gently support whole body detox, ‘alkalisation’.

I know people that can’t live without these amazing crystalline minerals and I’m one of them. I love the way nature supports us in being human. If we choose to listen and use what is already here in it’s simplest unprocessed form it simply works in all levels.

Many aspects of our lifestyle, stress and environmental pollutants cause an acidic condition in the body, even when we are working consciously on our diet. The way we think, the way we feel and not just what we put inside our bodies, they all count for a healthy body.

Crystal Detox is my goto for everything and it is my secret to support a high personal vibration which supports clarity of mind, emotions and ongoing physical health.

Using Crystal Detox baths used regularly (twice weekly), and taken internally will supports an alkaline body, which can more easily deal with environmental stresses from ongoing solar activity, geopathic stress, geo-engineering, toxins, viruses, bacteria and vaccination which all contribute to environment stress and its impact on personal change and transformation.

An Alkaline body supports strong immune health

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