February – Platinum Crystal Bowl Sound Healing – Earth Spirit

facebook-earthspirit-coverpageHello lovelies,

WOW, Here we are already in February and I’m preparing for the next Crystal Bowl Sound Healing meditation journey.

This month we are working through the Earth Spirit Lemurian Healing Gateway.

Clearing our energies in preparation for the new Platinum Angelic Frequencies to be embodied.

Astrologically I’ve just read this is suppose to be the hardest month of the year which confirms why the Platinum Elohim have told me to guide through Earth Spirit Platinum Alchemy | Platinum Ray Ascension Alchemy​.

From my Book ‘Platinum Temple Healing Cards’
“When you allow yourself to move with us through the Earth Spirit gateway you are being supported by the Platinum Elohim, helping you to see and break through the unconscious ideas and thoughts which have existed in your ancestry and humanities unconsciousness for many thousands of years.

The veil which has kept you in darkness is now being lifted from that no longer required in your life. Soon you will feel and understand the full opportunity that is before you.”
Earth Spirit provides powerful shifts when we need to BREAKTHROUGH to the other side. It is connected to race consciousness and our ancestral connections to this.

Keyword – healing codes for earth spirit include

Mental Fog – replaces it with clarity
Depression – reveals source of unconscious repressed anger so it can be rapidly cleared
Negative thoughts | Anxiety – relieves these as energies clear
Encourages Stability – as energies clear proper grounding occurs
Cleanses & enhances Psychic Energies
Clears and balances third eye, heart and base chakras


If you’re into Astrology Earth Spirit is connected to the 11th house and Aquarius ruling sign.

I believe we are truly given the opportunity this month to break free of the many outdated beliefs that prevent us from saying YES and taking our NEXT STEPS wherever they may be.

I will have Earth Spirit Energy Medicines available on the day, to support your homecare.



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Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Tickets


The Aloha Gallery at Bamboo Buddha Cafe

221 Wattle Tree Road, Holgate, New South Wales 2250


We start at 3.30pm sharp

Please arrive by 3:15pm for preparation
BYO water Bottle