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Trinadain Otago, 12th-dimensional OneNess Arcturian light being Group

We wish to share a message of non-conditional love with you today and let you know that all is well on the higher planes. 

We are working with the higher councils because we see what is going to happen on your planet Earth. Know that we have you, we have your back we always do. We are asking you to wake up, stand in your light and take a stand for what you truly believe in your heart to be true and right.

The energy on your planet and the alignments of the stars and planets in the galaxy are now at an all-time closeness, and closing in on themselves, this the driving force is so you begin to wake up lovely humans.

We are continuing to watch you and waiting for you to awaken more fully. There is nothing left in the third dimension for you anymore, there is only sorrow and heartfelt stagnation which will actually work to destroy your soul, this is not what we want, we want to help you to move into the next phase with Earth’s ascension. As this happening we know that it will be painful for many of you who are asleep.

If you have been disconnected from your soul light for a long time and even a lifetime this will be difficult for you and it is important to reach out for assistance from the many awake souls around you, this is NOT an easy journey for you. 

If you are more connected to your soul and work to do this every day on some level, you will be able to let go and trust the process that we are seeing ahead for you. This may feel overwhelming for many of you dear humans, It isn’t so if you choose to stand in your light and become the leaders of the next generation of soulful humans.

The new earth, its creativity, and its creation are NOW in your hands and minds

The new earth, its creativity, and its creation are now in your hands and minds. Of course, you can at any time choose to leave. This cycle of your time will show you what has been going on for many who are asleep and have been asleep for many life cycles. The leaders of your current time are poisoned, they are not of light and have not held the light on the planet for a long time. This separation from the 3D where many of you now hold current consciousness continues to exist. It can be joyful or it will be painful the choice is now yours. 

If you move into connecting with your soul light and keep your physical vessel clear the choices will be gentle and soft.

If you move into connecting with your soul light and keep your physical vessel clear the choices will be gentle and soft, even if you do not like what you see on the outside. In your physical world, this is not a time of fun and joy for most humans, because they are being challenged to wake up and see who has really been in control of the many systems running on their home Earth. 

This time is the time to step up into the golden age and ascend through your conscious, it is your birthright to reclaim who you are.  It is now up to you to lead the next phase and move into a leadership role if you can see what is really occurring for your fellow humans. create the way through with your creativity and your magic.

Create the way through with your creativity and your magic

You may be wondering how you are going to be able to do that. The answer is simple, you will create a way through with your creativity and your magic. The magical minds that you have been born with and your huge hearts which are now ready to open wider than they have at any time before. This is NOW time to step fully into your joy space. It is about you and you connecting to your soul guidance and your ability to step out of the poisons and toxic lies from those that have no connection to their soul light. ie The way the leaders are currently controlling the world, your world. Know that the way that all these restrictions are being placed upon you is actually a gift. 

We ask you to see the gift in the restrictions because without this in the divine plan you would still be playing and not paying attention to the Earth, your home, and her desire to ascend into the light. That is what lightworkers do naturally, it’s how they hold their connection to their soul light and Earth.

This is your desire if you are awake at this time too, so if you are going to take the steps it is up to you to carve your own path into light and step out of the matrix which has created a false sense of security for you, but this supported financial security and gifts are not the truth, this is false and only provides false hope to those of you who are feeling a victim and those who wish to be saved by something greater than yourself. We are watching, we can help you through your communications with us, however, we are not going to arrive to save you. 

No matter the current position you hold in your life, no matter your age or experience in life. If you are resonating with our words. You have arrived as a lightworker to be a support to others at this time or you have chosen to evolve into your highest potential of light from this greatest soul evolution gift bestowed upon you called human life and to evolve through the human evolution pathway on Earth. 

This is a great opportunity that we hope that you can see and if not yet, we hope you see this very soon. The soul gifts you each have are available to you now, they are simply available and more available as you clear away the toxins that have been sprayed upon you and the mesmerism that has been placed inside your minds by the digital media giants, governments, and authorities who you have followed and obeyed innocently not knowing how toxic they were. 

They fail to realize that the Earth is a BEing, a deeply powerful being of light and

she has a lifeforce all of her own

Governments and the elite wish to be in a race to cover the Earth and take ownership of all resources, owning everything, even every single blade of grass. They fail to realize that the Earth is a BEing a deeply powerful being of light and she has a lifeforce all of her own which she can so choose to activate her power, fully and throw off all the energies that have been trying to suffocate her.

This Is not new, this ownership war upon humans and all sentient beings is one that has been played out in electrical wars on the inner planes for many thousands of your Earth years and beyond, holding humanity as an energetic hostage in a system of soul recycling called karma. It has now dropped so in the spectrums of light that it is now manifesting in spiritual warfare in the 3rd and 4th Dimensions.

It is now becoming overtly obvious because many of the energetic veils holding these energies in place have fallen away. The energy veils were restrictions that once blinded human perception, these energy veils are no longer because Earth has now ascended beyond them. This is why you can now see so much and will continue to do so.

The lightning speed at which all veils are falling away in the many astral levels, also your astral etheric interface and your emotional planes. This collapse you may also know as the 4th Dimension. You are well within this field of consciousness now and as you move through this, things will seem to unravel more rapidly because this is also the closest plane of manifested creation light that you are connected to. The terror that has been placed on all sentient beings is now being felt, unspeakable terrors that have been hidden and loaded with the frequency of fear to control and keep your frequencies from rising into love. 

You have come to Earth at this time because you have the ability to make a difference and lead other human brothers and sisters back to their original star homes, you have the ability to create new paths of light to Oneness. With your hearts, creativity, and your magical minds.

Remember you are in the midst of a spiritual war that has been fought over many thousands of years in other Dimensions. As Earth ascends she will continue to move through this darkness, it is her journey and because it is your home it is your journey too. 

If this message resonates with you and these words we share, know you are in the right place at this time. We have worked through our channel for over 40 years to prepare for this time and she is fully aware. She even feels strange and uncomfortable about what is occurring and sharing our messages, just like you.

Write your dreams in a book and record them, this will help you navigate through these times that feel so surreal.

On Earth, you have polarity, days and nights. In the higher dimensions, we do not have divisions like this. There is no dimension of time that locks us into what you experience as daytime or nighttime. When you are waking up the imagery and awareness that you experience from within feels very surreal because as Earth moves through the dimensions into the light you will be much more aware of what you call dreams. Many of you will remember your dreams. Write your dreams in a book and record them, this will help you navigate through these times that feel so surreal.

As the dimensions and timeline collapse and you move into 5D consciousness the time between dreams and waking reality will also dissolve, until it becomes one time. When you are used to having a definite dream state and a waking state, two separate states of consciousness, these separate states do not allow you to see what truly is and has been going on in dimensions of the unseen. You also call these different levels in the experiences connected to your meditation and shamanic journeys. Yes! they are real!

Hurry up and listen to your hearts

The 3rd Dimension is collapsing and it has almost fully collapsed. Only remnants of the old world will be left after some time. The collapse has been going on for many years as the slow progression of dismantling has occurred. This will continue to occur and so we ask you to hurry up and listen to your hearts not the prolific thoughts of fear falling away from your minds.

It is time to listen with your body and every cell of your being so you can determine what is your truth.

When listening to your hearts be aware of what is real and what is not real. It is now time to listen with your body and every cell of your being so you can determine what is your truth. Deception will continue to play out until Earth has moved fully into her 5th Dimensional state of awareness. 

This process may take most of your life, it is luckily that you now know what is happening and what will continue well into 2035 and beyond. This process of entering into the Golden Age may take Earth over 100 yrs more as all the agendas and dynamics are fully played out and resolved. There is also a rapid timeline but it will depend on how fast humanity wakes up. Earth does not wish to destroy those who are not waking up and taking a stand for themselves. She is gentle, she is a portal of love fuelled on light and has the power to regenerate.

Once you know that you are certain you are deciding to fully wake up and that you are no longer going to contribute to further destruction of her being. This may be the brightest ‘enlightened’ day in your life.

It is, however, each individual’s responsibility, to own your decision responsibly and make the changes you wish to see in the new world and begin to create New World blueprints. 

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What does your new world look like? 

By this we mean what does your immediate environment and day look like, what are you doing each day, how are you caring for Earth?

How are you going to feel in your new world? 

From a perfectly pure 5D balanced space. How do you want to feel each day, each moment, within your body, in your relationships?

What would you like to do in your new world?

There are so many opportunities open to every one of you now. This is why it feels overwhelming when you are trying to make choices about your next steps. We ask you to be mindful and to use the time you are living with each day to explore the many options and opportunities that are now available to you. 

The higher planes do not have day and night. We do not sleep as you do, we are awake all the time and we live many more years before we join with the creators. This is a powerful and exciting new way that you can live too. 

What will block your dreams

Poisoning yourself and your planet will stop this from occurring. Those who are wanting to prevent the natural evolution of Earth are redirecting it into an alternative reality.  They know they cannot maintain ownership and have things their way if humans choose to move their reality into a higher evolution. They don’t wish to lose their hold on their power and this would be too hard for them to bear, it would mean annihilation. They are doing their best to hold on and destroy what is left, if they continue earth will go into an extinction period, so no one can own her. She is her own governance and this is her trajectory. 

Many of the ones in current powers of authority are aligned with those who have created the spiritual war.

These poisoned ones do not know that they are living out of fear and this is why as you stand, take the stand to live fully in your heart you can redirect the current path and create a new path for yourself and your human brothers and sisters. A new blueprint for your direction, and the support of the Earth. By creating a path to higher consciousness unlimited lifespan and pure light will allow your young ones to find a deep sense of connection in all they do. For they are very lost in the confusion of the poisoned Earth. As they can commune with the Earth mother she can teach them many things, she is their true mother, she is their true teacher and this will enable her and you to live in a new conscious harmonious way. 

The wars that we speak of have been fought in the other dimensions and now these energies have filtered into the lower planes for you to see. This feels most scary for you, but it is not. This is a powerful test to see that you can live in the light.

During these testing times. One day you will be taken into darkness and then the next you will be taken into light.

During these testing times. One day you will be taken into darkness and then the next you will be taken into light. To be able to handle these energy shifts, a stable and balanced emotional state is required. One that doesn’t go too far in either direction. We call this ‘walking the tightrope’. As soon as you find yourself going too far in one direction we ask you to gently and knowingly bring your awareness over to the line and find your balance. Because the patterning in the brain has been left and right hemispheres and this is also the dark and light, masculine or feminine. This was engineered as your frequency was lowered to be able to enter the Earth, (we can share about that at a later time). As you are moving into oneness and to move fully into what we call oneness, it is required that you find a place within, to sit in peace, and to find and sit in your own peace tree. This will help stabilize the Earth mother. if you can do this every day this will be very helpful.  

Find and sit in your own peace tree

Many of you are looking for higher soul gifts and new soul gifts, you already have all the experiences and gifts within yourselves, you were born with them or have acquired them along with your life and many lives. They may be lying dormant in many of you because you have lived in a toxic world.

To help you, listen to your dreams, begin to keep a dream journal and whenever you remember something, write it down as a reflection of what your soul is seeing occur on the inner planes. Talk to God every day, ask your soul to connect directly with your god or source light so receive answers through your heart. 

Journal what you hear from God, ask God your questions as you sit in your peace tree and you will find your answers.


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Channel through Ohlara Amohba Taja Suventit

Aka Kim the Divine Feminine Shaman

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Tuesday 6th July 2021

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